Mia in Denim

It's a couple of weeks since I posted my Mia jeans on Instagram, but I think they deserve a fuller explanation. So here it is. I bought the stretch denim in November, from Fabricland in Reading, before we moved back to the northeast. I always intended it to be for the Mia jeans, because my … Continue reading Mia in Denim


Nora mark two.

Having finished one Nora, it didn't take me long to get the second one done. There's an irony, however, that the weather this week has not really called for cosy wear exactly. Even in the northeast the sun has shone, the days have been warm, the layers are coming off. Oh well! I did wear … Continue reading Nora mark two.

Looking back … the highlights according to Instagram.

I recently posted my Best Nine according to Instagram, but I just put it on Instagram with no explanation. This blog serves to add some detail, because what came out is rather random. 🤔 Most of these were actually contributions to sewing challenges, and in particular Sewphotohop and Slow Fashion October. I am surprised at … Continue reading Looking back … the highlights according to Instagram.