Looking forward at last….. Makenine19

So, after all of my waffle about what I achieved - or not - in 2018, I have finally made it to my choices for 2019. My sewing journey has been influenced quite a lot by all of the information and opinion sharing towards the end of last year on sustainability and Slow Fashion. I … Continue reading Looking forward at last….. Makenine19


Looking back again…… how MakeNine18 panned out.

Last year was the first time I put together a Makenine, and I only actually identified 6 specifics, leaving three spaces for TNT's or wildcards. I think that on the whole I did quite well. I started with the Blackwood cardigan, and even had it cut out before New Year's Day. I had that made … Continue reading Looking back again…… how MakeNine18 panned out.