Me Made May …. and into June

Wow! Two months since my last post. What on earth have I been doing???? Well, apart from lots of busy-ness, what with visiting friends, puppy sitting, trips away etc,etc.... not a lot it seems. No that's completely wrong. I am just recovering from the Me Made May challenge, and getting round to looking back at … Continue reading Me Made May …. and into June


Nora … the first.

It seems a long time since the beginning of the year. I thought I had made a good start, getting the sewing space organised and some sewing done, but January threw some unexpected obstacles to the sewing journey, and I only just got back to it last week. The sewing space has also undergone further … Continue reading Nora … the first.

Looking back … the highlights according to Instagram.

I recently posted my Best Nine according to Instagram, but I just put it on Instagram with no explanation. This blog serves to add some detail, because what came out is rather random. 🤔 Most of these were actually contributions to sewing challenges, and in particular Sewphotohop and Slow Fashion October. I am surprised at … Continue reading Looking back … the highlights according to Instagram.