Nora … the first.

It seems a long time since the beginning of the year. I thought I had made a good start, getting the sewing space organised and some sewing done, but January threw some unexpected obstacles to the sewing journey, and I only just got back to it last week.

The sewing space has also undergone further metamorphosis, as we get used to the differently shaped space in the new house. I am now set up in a different room, which is much lighter, and pleasanter, albeit smaller, and I am underway again. Our cupboards are hopefully in position for the most part. (We even gave few away!)

Check out my brand new storage unit! It even has room for some fabric, and I have put the stuff I need for my Makenine on there so that it looks pretty!

So on to the sewing!

I started the year with a couple of projects not for me. One or two baby dresses, and one for my daughter. I don’t mind sewing for other people, but it really is a challenge to get the sizing right. My granddaughter lives in Ireland, so not only could I not try it on, she didn’t get it straight away either, and I am fairly sure that it was too small in the end. Oh well, back to the drawing board with that!


When I finally got to sewing for MMMMMEEEEEE, I went for cosy wear. The Nora. 😁


The pattern was a birthday present (December), and the fabric a lovely soft fleecybacked jersey which I bought in November the day I stumbled on “Just Sew Penrith”.

I cut a straight size 6 (which is indicated for size 16 UK), without the stepped hem, and with the high neck.


As everyone has said before, a very easy and quick, but lovely sew. I took the time to make the inside as nice as the outside, with a pretty strip of ribbon to stabilise the shoulders, and neatened seams. Despite the front and back being the same length, I still added a little bit of a side slit…. I like that feature.

I know it is meant to be a big, loose top, but I actually found it a bit too big and loose, so I took in the sides and sleeves by about an inch and a half. It’s still big and loose, but sits better on my frame for not being overly so. The fabric is lovely and snuggly, but there is also enough room to wear a tee underneath on even colder days.


My next project will be another Nora! This time in a heavier fleeced jersey, and I will make one or two adjustments: the neck band a touch tighter, and not so high; a stepped hem, but not exactly cropped at the front; sleeves still as long, but ever so slightly narrower at the wrist.

I can’t wait to get stuck into it.

Not only is this my first Nora, it is also the first of my Make Nines. I am pleased to be off the starting block, as last year I had sewn three items by this time….. that is according to IG. Oh well, I didn’t get them all done in the end.


But…….. I am slowed down just a little bit. Here’s the reason getting in on the photos…… Leela, the beagle pup, who we are helping out with a bit of puppy sitting.

Yes, she’s adorable, But by gum she knows it!


Oh and another thing….The new house has opened up a wealth of opportunities for photo locations, which is great after the crampedness of the flat. I will even be able to do some outside shots when the weather warms up. But for now, I have chosen the sun room. Isn’t the light fantastic?! I think I just need to do something with my hair. 🤔


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