Looking forward at last….. Makenine19

So, after all of my waffle about what I achieved – or not – in 2018, I have finally made it to my choices for 2019.

My sewing journey has been influenced quite a lot by all of the information and opinion sharing towards the end of last year on sustainability and Slow Fashion.

I have survived really well over the last couple of months with the clothes I have in my wardrobe. I actually don’t NEED anything. Following the Slotober challenge, I went through my wardrobe and identified what I have, what I wanted to get rid of and what could possibly be re-fashioned. Also, my needs changed once I stopped going to work, as I no longer needed to be smart and professional every day. So I’m wearing casual most of the time.

As part of my efforts for sustainability, I carried out a mini audit of my daily outfits over November and most of December. Top of the list? Jeans, long sleeved tees, and my wonderful red Blackwood cardigan! So that’s what I need most of. I also noted down what I perceived as gaps. So they feature in the nine, too.

I have also looked, not just at specific garments and patterns, but for projects which will develop my personal skills, whilst still adding something which will compliment my wardrobe.

So here it is:

1. The Nora sweatshirt pattern was a birthday present, the dandelion fleece (1st for Fabrics) was a Christmas present, so this is a no-brainer for item number one. The pink fleece (Justsewpenrith) is ideal to use for the Nora as well. I like high necks, but because of my own personal climate, I find polo necks rather hot. The Nora has the right shape not to be too close, but still cosy.

2. Another pair of Mia jeans, but this time with the correct weight denim (Fabricland). I will take my time with these, cos I really want to get them right. The main challenge will be the fit. So I am making the whole issue of learning about fit part of my Makenine challenge.

3. A tartan coat with this beautiful soft coating- it doesn’t look it, but it is blue! (Justsewpenrith). I want it to be lined too. I’m not sure which pattern yet – possibly Yates, possibly Sew Over It …… yet to be decided.

4. A Molly dress. I may have fabric in the stash for this but I may decide to buy some, if I haven’t got the right type of jersey.

5. I have wanted to make a Joy Jacket for ages! I’m not sure which fabric I want as yet, but corduroy is floating in my head with a quilted lining.

6. I’m going to knit myself a jumper!!!!!!! I’m going to keep it simple at the moment so a boxy, dropped shoulder, longer tunic shape is in my mind.

7. A couple of Willow tanks with some lightweight starry cotton (Fabricland) and a piece of black linen which came from a fabric swap.

8. I’m going to do a Full Bust Adjustment! Don’t know which pattern, but there’s a couple of shirt patterns available for me to consider. Or I could just buy the Kalle shirt….. had my eye on that for a while.

9. I’m going to re-fashion at least three of the items I have set aside after my wardrobe analysis.

I really have changed my attitude to buying clothes. I hardly bought anything throughout 2018, and then only after thinking long and hard about whether it was needed, rather than just something I fancied. I definitely want to do something towards sustainability, so I already wash less, and I have done some scrap-busting. I have slowed down my rate of sewing, but I want to achieve a balance, where I can still enjoy making, without feeling guilty.

I don’t feel absolutely tied by this list. If I stray from it, it’s no big deal, but it’s good for me to have a direction for times when my making list comes to a standstill.

Let the making begin!


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