Looking back again…… how MakeNine18 panned out.

Last year was the first time I put together a Makenine, and I only actually identified 6 specifics, leaving three spaces for TNT’s or wildcards.

I think that on the whole I did quite well.

I started with the Blackwood cardigan, and even had it cut out before New Year’s Day. I had that made by 13th January, then went straight on to the Prima raglan sweater dress and the Belcarra blouse. All finished before the end of February. Phew! I was doing so well! I thought that if I carried on at this rate I’d have all 9 items done before June.

Alas, it didn’t quite continue the same way.

I ended up making 3 Blackwoods, (I know! Only two ticks!) and a couple of Scout Tees, before being distracted by the Willow tank, the Ogden cami, and the need to make some pieces for special occasions.

So here is my personal top nine.

I LOOOVE my red Blackwood! The other two are a navy one and a lighterweight patterned one, but I wear the red one loads, and I hate when it’s in the wash.

There is a viscose navy flowery Scout Tee, which I love wearing. One of my TNT patterns.

A Willow tank dress, which I lined, made for my retirement party, then a proper Willow tank in lightweight viscose. I will be making more of these, because they are so versatile.

The Ogden cami is a scrap buster made with the print and the plain viscose lining I used for the Willow dress. This time I used the plain for the straps and the facing as well as adding a band at the bottom when I realised that it was too short. (That comes from trying to squeeze it out of a little bit of left overs.)

The Port trousers by Pauline Alice are maybe not the best they could be, but they’re on my list because it was the first zip fly I had ever done! Trousers I have made in the past didn’t get any fancy treatment for zips. I did go on to the Mia jeans, but the fabric was wrong, so they didn’t turn out as well as I wanted. Still wearable though.

I finished the year with two Molly tops. This is another pattern I will be using many times. Really simple and a lovely shape, as well as being very comfortable and easy to wear. The blue one is a better weight of fabric, but I like the other one too.

You’re probably confused by the final picture, as well you might be.

My elder daughter is obsessed with llamas, and they seem to be quite the fashion at the moment. I saw an Instagram post where a friend of mine had made knitted disco llamas, and my younger daughter said “Why don’t you knit Christine a llama?” She had some llama coloured wool in her stash; I googled a pattern; I dusted off my knitting skills which had been dormant for 40 years. Result? Two llamas for her to open at Christmas. She loves them, and I am very proud of them. (Not content with that, I then knitted a jumper for my granddaughter !)

So my next task is to create my Makenine for 2019. I already know half of it, and it will certainly feature some knitting!


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