Looking back … the highlights according to Instagram.

I recently posted my Best Nine according to Instagram, but I just put it on Instagram with no explanation.

This blog serves to add some detail, because what came out is rather random. πŸ€”

Most of these were actually contributions to sewing challenges, and in particular Sewphotohop and Slow Fashion October. I am surprised at how few are actually about what I made last year!

Here’s the run down……..

1. Using a twin needle to finish a t-shirt neckband – my lightbulb moment included in Sewphotohop. This amazingly received 63 likes! Definitely a record for me.😁

2. Finding a new fabric shop….. Just Sew Penrith…… and adding to the stash.

3. A scrap busting Ogden cami (made for my daughter)

4. A dress version of the Scout T made in a hurry for a party – my Go-to pattern. Sewphotohop again!

5. This is from Slow Fashion October, answering the question “Do I have the wardrobe I need?” At the time I definitely did, but I have since identified some gaps.

6. My second Molly top from Sew Over It

7. Sewing from the past – my wedding dress – Photohop again.

8. My mood board of styles and fabrics at the beginning of Slotober.

9. The Game Changer in my sewing journey – my new machine, which replaced a 40 year old Singer Futura when it gave up the ghost. I, at last, had the means and the space to get back into sewing after quite a gap. Photohop.

This was a really interesting exercise, showing what other people found interesting about what I have been doing for the last year. Particularly how many of the posts from the challenges were in the top 9.

My next task is to consider my personal Best Nine from my makes in 2018.

I’m off for a think!


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