Slow progress with Slow Fashion October

I haven’t really kept up with this and so I will be working on it through to November. I have got up to week 3 – the question of whether I have the wardrobe I need, or whether there are things missing.

That’s a  very relevant question for me as I undergo the transition from working life to non-working. In my work life I needed to look quite formal, and smart – not exactly power-dressed, as that would have been impractical, but certainly a jacket every day, and never anything as casual as jeans or leggings. My working uniform amounted to ordinary trousers, tops, simple skirts and shift dresses – all with a jacket. As I came closer to finishing I reduced how much of this I bought, and wore the stuff I had almost to the end of its existence. (One jacket was probably close to 20 years old!)

Now, I no longer have need of that type of outfit and I wear jeans just about every day. (I have worn a dress once in the last two months, and that was for a funeral!). So I like to have nice tops and cardigans. I also like to have nice jackets and coats, embellished with a scarf.

Over the summer it was easy – I wore the floaty tops and tunics I have been making; the Scouts, Willows and Plantain Tees. Most often with jeans, but sometimes with linen trousers.

When special occasions presented themselves, I made something extra such as a hacked Scout tee dress for an anniversary party, a Willow dress for my work leaving do, and an extra special dress for my granddaughter’s Christening.

So, as it stands, I have little need of anything else on a day to day basis. But, in order to plan my sewing more efficiently, I took advice from my daughter, and I have started keeping a sort of “wardrobe diary” so that I can plan my next makes around whatever gaps may  become more evident.

The change of seasons is having an impact on this, because as we approached winter last year, I didn’t have as much opportunity to make, so there are some gaps in terms of cosy wear.  I have identified therefore the need of a sweatshirt and a jacket, both of which to wear with jeans and my longer tops. I would also like to make an outfit for our family party in November.

So, my next steps –

  • Sweatshirt (not sure of which pattern, but could be Plantain or Linden)
  • Jacket (I really want this to be a Joy jacket)
  • Special party blouse with corduroy jeans (Mia)

I need to buy fabric for the sweatshirt, the jacket and the jeans. Whether I get all of this done remains to be seen! There is a house move imminent! At least I won’t be making stuff which is unnecessary, or which will be languishing in the wardrobe unworn.



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