Autumn makes….. three unrelated items.

Trousers,  Molly top and Ogden cami. Hmmm! A strange collection,  but there we are.

I  had a break from sewing from the middle of August until the end of September due to a bit of travelling and other stuff happening in my life.  During that time I did useful things like an inventory of my stash and my patterns, a wardrobe clear out (and that was before I came on board with Slow Fashion October), and a lot of thinking about what to do next, especially as we were by that time heading into Autumn.

You may be surprised, therefore,  that I went for the Ogden cami. Well that was because I  had just acquired the pattern and the weather was still warm, so I  did it as a stash buster for my daughter, using two fabrics. I wanted to have a go!

I made the straps wider, and added a band at the bottom to make it the length she likes, and it worked! I really like this – along with most of the sewing communtity – and although I don’t really go in for strappy tops, I want to make one for myself for next summer.


It was probably too late for her to wear it this year, but I  hope to see her in it next summer.

My next project… trousers!

I made trousers quite regularly when I was in my teens and twenties,  but there was nothing fancy about them.  Just ordinary seams and zips. After all these years of sewing I had never before done a zip fly. So it was with interest that I  approached the Port trousers from Pauline Alice.


Zip fly, pockets, topstitched inside seams and everything!

It took a while to get my head around the fly, I didn’t find the instructions particularly clear about the placing of pieces,  and I kept looking at my jeans to check. I  used a 6in zip, as per instructions,  but that was longer than the fly shield.  I fiddled about and managed to do it, but then found that I didn’t have enough fabric at the top to add the waistband. Bummer!

I hummed and ha-ed ( a technical term ), and mulled over it overnight, and then decided that the whole thing needed to be unpicked. I  then used a 5in zip, and it worked! It was so much easier the second time! I  also realised that the first time I had missed a key instruction as to how much of the left-hand seam to fold over in order for the zip to be concealed. Note to self….. read instructions properly!


All’s well that ends well….. with the zip. (I am ready to tackle jeans now!)

The instructions do suggest doing a fitting before sewing the outside seams, and I did decide to take them in, as they were rather baggy.  Doing it this way results in the pocket openings being smaller than is really comfortable, but not completely unusable.


I had cut out a size 46 which matched my measurements,  but I  could probably go down a size for the legs. In the end they are probably too tight….. but not unwearable. They will be fine if I manage to lose a few pounds before next summer !


At first the pockets gaped and showed the lining, so I stitched the linings down… you can’t tell.

I think next time I may leave the legs baggy…. we’ll see.

And so to my most recent make… finished yesterday in fact.


The Molly top by Sew Over It. I  love it!

This is a really quick and easy pattern, with a lovely fit and hemline. I’m definitely going to make more of these.

I cut a size 16 and the only adjustment was to grade out at bust level to the 18 line. It worked perfectly. I also finished neckband and hem with a twin needle rather than zig zag stitch.


The fabric is a lovely cotton spandex print from Hobbycraft.  A gift from my daughter. It’s perfect for the top but would be too light weight for the dress.


So, three unrelated items. But my two are nice additions to my wardrobe as I have plenty to wear with them.

So now I’m off to think about what to make next.  Jeans perhaps?

Or maybe another Molly top?

Decisions! Decisions!



5 thoughts on “Autumn makes….. three unrelated items.

  1. Oooooh I LOVE your Port trousers! I’ve been eyeing this pattern for a while now but I thought as the temperatures are getting colder maybe just wait until Spring. I love Pauline Alice’s patterns 😁


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