I haven’t a thing to wear!?

Well that’s often the cry isn’t it?

I actually said just that (in my head) not long ago, and so set-to to make something. That’s what we sewists do… we plug the gaps.

Well today is a different story.


Having beavered away in whatever sewing time I could muster over the last month (which wasn’t actually much because of the usual summer term school stuff), my wardrobe is looking positively abundant. I realized this because we are going to a barbecue today, and when I started thinking about what to wear, I came up with so many possibilities that I can’t really decide.

What a lovely position to be in! Especially as I haven’t bought any RTW for weeks.  (Of course I still have some favourite RTW’s in the collection.)

So what will it be?

My Scout dress.

A scout tee with kimono.

A liberty print top. (No photo….sorry!)

Lightweight Blackwood.

Such a lot of choice. Oh well…. I’ll let you know .

Meanwhile I’ll go back to the current project in the sewing room, which is another item for a specific event  – next Thursday. It’s actually a staff party to celebrate my impending retirement.

Yes folks! It’s only eight days away now! That’s a whole other story, but I will soon be able to get back to serious sewing. Watch out for all of those blogs!



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